If you want to crew on a boat delivery—SELL YOURSELF–and not your nautical experience!!!

If you want to crew on a boat delivery—SELL YOURSELF–and not your nautical experience!!! So you want to crew on a boat delivery—that’s great! Now sell yourself to me-and remember that there might be a dozen or more competing to come on the trip. I am busy and want to choose you IF you will make a […]

When is a good time to buy a boat? – Sailing, Boating, Training, Coaching

This is Captain Paul Foer From The Foerpeak at www.Foerfront.com  with advice for boaters. When it comes to buying a boat–any boat–it is wise of course to know what you are getting into but no matter what you calculate or plan for, there will always be unknowns when it comes to a boat. You have to balance the […]