If you want to crew on a boat delivery—SELL YOURSELF–and not your nautical experience!!!

If you want to crew on a boat delivery—SELL YOURSELF–and not your nautical experience!!!

So you want to crew on a boat delivery—that’s great! Now sell yourself to me-and remember that there might be a dozen or more competing to come on the trip. I am busy and want to choose you IF you will make a good crewperson. Most prospective crew want to list every detail about their experience—but that’s not terribly important. I am mainly expecting you to stand watches and assist me. If I were doing a long and difficult offshore voyage I might be looking for a lot of experience but mainly I want to know first—are you who you say you are? Are you mature and responsible? Will you be neat and well groomed and clean up after yourself?

Please don’t tell me how you sailed a Comet or a 420 for three summers on a lake or how you helped Uncle Bob take his Bayliner 23’ up the river.  Just give it to me straight. Have you been offshore? Done night sailing? Done ocean passages?  Do you know bow from stern and job from mainsail? Have you ever anchored a boat? Navigated?

Then I need some basics—how old are you? Where do you live? When are you available? Do you have any specials skills (i.e. Mechanical? Culinary? Foreign language? First Aid etc? Military?)

Do you have an inflatable pfd with tether? Foul weather gear? Boots? A sheath knife?

Am I going to have to tell you how and what clothes to pack or will you figure that out?

Remember—sell yourself to me. If you are going to be on a boat with me for a few days I want to make sure you are reliable, don’t smoke or have a drinking or drug problem. How about your health? Do you take medication? Allergies? Phobias?  Do you have a criminal record?

I’ll need to see your driver’s license or passport or similar form of I.D.. Are you willing to sit or stand for hours to perform your watch? And if you ask what is a watch, what should I tell you? Are you prepared to be hot and sweaty on a rolling boat or wet and cold?

So the bottom line is really who are you and not how good a sailor or a seaman are you. I am willing to coach and teach you but I expect you to stand watch for hours…see above.

I try to treat all crew as fair as I can as often as I can but on board we have an obligation to the boat and to each other. We should have fun, learn something and always be safe but I will not tolerate phony b.s. or games.  So no smoking, no drinking, no drugs AND….if you must pass gas, please do so downwind—and you know what that means yes?

My obligation to you is as follows: Treat you fairly and with respect, help you to learn, be safe and be comfortable, provide you with good food while underway. In some cases I can pay qualified and experienced mates when needed and/or provide ground transportation. In some cases. If you have zero to little experience do not expect this. Every trip is different and crew needs differ as well. But if you are asked to crew, please be sure to provide me with your basic personal data, emergency contacts and arrive clean and ready to go with gear stowed in duffle bags or soft luggage and bring a sleeping bag and pillow.

Any questions?   Well, thanks for your interest. Perhaps we’ll meet and sail together.